Meet The Board

Ryan Linduff – The Inspiration

Ryan Linduff loved his wife, his family, baseball and friends. He was born in Oklahoma City, and enjoyed the life he built there. Ryan was diagnosed with Myelodysplatic syndrome in 2017 at age 32.

On September 28th, 2017 he underwent a bone marrow transplant that was completed successfully. In February, of 2018 he started to develop Graft vs. Host and traveled to MD Anderson to see the best doctors in the world for this disease. Being there gave us more time with him, and we were blessed to stay in apartment right by the hospital.

Sadly, the disease had taken hold and we lost Ryan on June 6, 2018. We miss him everyday. He was loving, loyal, funny and always brave.

In loving memory of Ryan Linduff, who personally experienced how patient housing can make treatment, for the patient and their family, stress free and comfortable. With the support and encouragement from Ryan, Patient Housing Assistance took shape.

Mr. & Mrs. David Thomas – Founders

After working many years in the non profit organization sector, I always had the nudge to give, impact, help, save. In moving to the corporate world, the urge to help never left me and after seeing, first hand, the need for lodging assistance and personally interacting with families who could not afford the cost of housing along with treatment, we founded PHA. The idea of the organization was fueled by this and our personal losses. We created PHA to help offset housing expenses, so patients can focus on their treatments and cure; NOT the pressure of housing costs.


We honor our loved ones and friends lost with every dollar we raise and patient we award.

Laurie Masera Garza – Treasurer

In 2014, Laurie faced a near-death experience because of a freak accident with a tree branch. She spent two weeks in the hospital, underwent three major operations to reconstruct her face, and then spent the next six weeks at home to recover where she needed to be driven to countless doctor visits by her husband who was lucky enough to be able to take time off of work. Knowing first hand how quickly medical treatment expenses add up, the impact it has on not only the patient but the family, and how it important it is to be near your doctors for treatment, Laurie was excited to help Patient Housing Assistance any way she could.

Monika Brown – Secretary/Interim Chair

Monika is a Senior Manager in KPMG’s Transaction Tax Systems practice with 13 years’ experience in Tax Automation project management. Although not a Houston native, Monika considers herself a true Texan – loving all things BBQ, Houston sports and her city!

Nadia Hakim – Marketing

Nadia is a storyteller by trade and by nature. She works full-time as a communication specialist in public health, and takes on special freelancing assignments in graphic design and photography. Her projects have taken her to a variety of countries and introduced her to a number of populations, both privileged and underserved. These experiences are constantly fueling her passion to serve the people of Houston and build healthy communities.

Patty Schnabel – Development And Fundraising

Patty is a cancer survivor and a servant leader. She worked in the non-profit sector for 23, focusing on community development and youth development. Patty has worked in the fitness industry for over 35 years – training instructors all over the world. Patty teaches multiple formats, including Pilates, Barre, Zumba, yoga, and athletic conditioning. She is a certified Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer and enjoys designing workouts to help clients work toward a healthy mind, body, and spirit. A proponent of holistic wellness, Patty uses her experience to guide others on the path to wellness.