About PHA

How We Started

One of our founders, Yannick Thomas, identified the need for housing assistance, personally interacting with families who could not afford the cost of housing along with treatment and so they chose to forgo much needed treatment due to financial constraints.  In talking with her husband, and co-founder, David Thomas, they felt the need to serve, but still needed a catalyst to get this “idea” off the ground.

The catalyst came in the form of a family member, who personally experienced how patient housing can make treatment, for the patient and their family, stress free and comfortable.

With the support and encouragement from Ryan, Patient Housing Assistance took shape.

Cancer Affects all families no matter

their age, race, religion or socioeconomic background.
Families travel from all across the country and the world
to access treatments offered at the Texas Medical Center.

– Social Worker, MD Anderson Cancer Center

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